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Care and Cleaning


Once your new flooring is installed, your regular care procedures will determine the longevity of your flooring. We will go over some basic principles here, however we encourage you to consult with our Max Care staff for any specific needs or questions. Through our Max Care service, we offer carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, fire and water restoration, and refinishing and maintenance services for all types of flooring.



One of the questions we hear most frequently is, "What can we do to keep our carpet looking new?" The basic answer is to vacuum regularly. The reason this is so important becomes apparent when you take a look at common household dirt under a microscope. These soils in your carpet act as an abrasive that will wear the fiber strands and make your carpet appear dull. Synthetic carpet fibers hide soils very effectively and, because of this, a professional deep extraction cleaning should be done before you notice that you need one. Try to use a blotting action on the spill to minimize the spill size. There are also many carpet cleaning solutions on the market that will help clean most spills and stains. For a deeper cleaning, our Max Care staff would be happy to work around your availability to schedule a convenient time to come by.


Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces – like vinyl, hard wood, ceramic and laminates – are subject to the same kinds of household soil as carpet. Vacuuming or sweeping regularly is key to keep them looking their best. Spills should be wiped up quickly with a clean cloth. This helps minimize the chance of a permanent stain that might be more difficult to remove later. We also recommend using small pads under furniture legs to help protect from indentation in the flooring. The use of mats and area rugs may trap small particles of dirt and rock that scratch surfaces. Try to avoid moving furniture either by pushing or by rollers attached to legs. Lifting is the best way to move objects without damaging your floor. Manufactures supply specific maintenance and care procedures in brochures and on their websites.