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1114 W Beauregard, San Angelo, TX

Time to Install


Finally, the moment you've been waiting for: installation. All of your hard work and detailed planning should result in a smooth installation and years of enjoyment from your new flooring. Let's go over some of the things that should take place before installation, and some of the things that should happen during installation.


Before Installation

When our staff comes to measure the house, be sure to make them aware of any special needs you may have at this time. Our installation teams usually handle most furnishings; however, larger items like grandfather clocks and pianos require special handling. Smaller items, like decorative ornaments, should be packed away in an area of the house that will not interfere with the installation. Remove all shoes in closets and other items that may be on the floor. Also check under the beds for things that can be easily removed. If you are having carpet installed, the installers will be carrying heavy "Rolled-up" cuts of carpet into your home, so please try to remove anything that would obstruct entrances, even items hung on the walls. The removal of old flooring is normally a courtesy of our installers.


During Installation

Our installation team is professional and experienced. They are genuinely concerned about completing the job to your satisfaction, and as quickly as possible. Before the installers get started, have them lay out small portions of your new floors. With the blinds up allowing daylight in, take notice of how the colors in the room blend with color of your new flooring. We feel sure that everything will be as expected. At this point, your work should be complete, and you can sit back and watch the installation, run errands, go to a movie, or out to lunch, knowing that you're in good hands with Aladdin's Flooring.